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Pierce County Refuse provides curbside collection of residential garbage. Service rates are determined by the number of garbage cans, the frequency of pick up and whether or not you recycle.

Our rates include refuse and recycle charges. The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission require us to separate those charges out on your bill. All customers see recycle charges on their bill whether or not you recycle and those charges cannot be removed. Customers that choose to recycle are billed a lower amount on the refuse portion of their bill.


1. To start, stop, transfer or change service, call 253-537-8687.

2. Customers supply their own garbage cans. A garbage can may not be larger than 20 gallons for a mini can or 32 gallons for a standard can. Larger cans may be left by the driver or charged an extra fee for each pick up. Cans must have handles and lids. Mini cans can weight no more than 35 pounds, standard cans no more than 65 pounds when full. Overweight cans may be charged extra, or left, depending upon the weight.

3. Adding recycling to your account reduces the refuse portion of your bill. We supply a 96 gallon commingle recycle tote. Other sizes are available if the 96 gallon tote does not work for you; our drivers will not however take anything outside the recycle tote.

4. Curbside service is picked up within 5 feet of the county road (most mailboxes are on county roads.) If your can is beyond 5 feet from the road, we will not be able to empty it. We offer, for an additional fee, drive in, carry out and gate access for those who wish an alternate location for their cans.

5. Do not put dirt, rocks, sod, hot ashes or hazardous waste in can.

6. We ask that all cans be available for collection no later than 6:00 a.m. to guarantee service. Drivers try to do their routes the same from week to week, however there are occasions when the drivers are required to make adjustments and as a result may arrive earlier or later than you are used to. There is an additional charge to have the driver return.

7. Extra garbage can be put in a 32 gallon bag or can and placed near the garbage can. Excess garbage that does not fit into the garbage can with the lid closed will result in an extra charge.

8. Charges for service continue if service is missed due to conditions beyond the company’s control (weather or road closure). The missed refuse will be picked up on the next regular scheduled day at no additional cost.

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