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Pierce County Refuse provides curbside commingle recycle pick up. The more you recycle: the less garbage you produce.

Start, Stop, Change Service
Recycling service is included in your garbage rate and is picked up every other week. If you are not a garbage customer, Recycling Service only is available for a monthly fee. To sign up, call customer service at 253-537-8687.

Our rates include refuse and recycle charges. The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission require us to separate those charges out on your bill. All customers see recycle charges on their bill whether or not you recycle and those charges cannot be removed. Customers that choose to recycle are billed a lower amount on the refuse portion of their bill.

Prepare Your Recycling

1. Review the list of What Goes in the Recycling Cart?

2. Place your Recycling Cart out by 6:00 AM on your scheduled collection day. Put carts within 5' of the curb with lid opening toward the street.

3. All recycling must fit in the container; items placed outside the container will not be picked up.

Contamination, such as glass, can ruin the whole batch and damage processing equipment. Make sure only recyclable items are put into the Recycling Cart. This will result in less items being disposed of as garbage and more items being manufactured into new products. When the wrong items are put in the recycling cart, a written notice will be placed on our container explaining the contamination.



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