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Pierce County Refuse provides every other week curbside collection of yard debris.

Yard Debris Collection Service
Pierce County Refuse provides every other week curbside collection of yard debris.

Start, Stop, Change Service
For current prices or to order yard waste service, please contact customer service at 253-537-8687.

Prepare Your Yard Debris
1. We supply a blue 96 gallon container.

2. Place grass, leaves, small branches (under 1 inch in diameter), brush, weeds, shrubs and other compostable organic materials from pruning inside the container.

3. Do Not put rocks, sod, stumps, demolition wood, glass, plastics, flower pots, metal, concrete, sheet rock, asphalt, animal waste or any other non-organic land cleaning debris in the containers. Also, bones, food or large amounts of dirt will not be accepted.

4. Place Cart out by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day. Put cart within 5' of the curb with lid opening toward the street. Please do not block driveways, sidewalks or mailboxes.

5. Excess yard debris can be bundled or placed in customer-owned 32-gallon bags or containers. Each extra item will be charged accordingly. Please contact customer service at 253-537-8687 for current rates.

Christmas Tree Pick-up
Yard Debris customers can set Christmas trees out on their regularly scheduled collection day. Trees must be free of flocking, tinsel, ornaments and metal hangers and cut to 4' lengths. The entire tree does not have to fit in the yard waste can but the yard waste can does have to be out for the driver to take the tree. There will not be additional charges for trees that do not fit in your container.

Flocked trees are not recyclable and will not be accepted. Put flocked trees in the garbage.



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